Tsubasa International Academy [Japanese-language school]

tsubasa international academy is a Japanese language school that offers Japanese language skills that are compatible with Japanese companies.


Have a dream, let's spread the wing.
Let's fly toward a dream with a strong wing and a strong heart that continues to flap without losing to the wind

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 Tsubasa International Academy is located in Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture, less than an hour's drive from Haneda Airport. This area, which has two aspects of natural Satoyama nature and industrial area, is a quiet environment for studying, a working environment to support the life of foreign students, and an environment ideal for getting in touch with Japanese culture. It is equipped with The seasonal festivals that take place in the area are very active, and you can get a Japanese-style life that you can feel the tradition that you can not see easily in Tokyo, one hour from Tokyo.

 In addition, at our school, we will draw a life plan from the beginning of admission to each student together with each student, and will give guidance tailored to the career hope. We will give special emphasis on life and career guidance so that each career and ability can be utilized and a better life can be lived.

 Furthermore, our school will be an exchange hub between Kimitsu City and other countries, and will carry out mutual understanding, symbiosis and cultural exchange projects with students. Let's actively enjoy various experiences, and take a certain step towards your dream for the future.

Founding spirit

Develop talented people with ability and mental ability to make dreams come true Provide support and opportunity for their efforts

What TIA aims for is Japanese ability that is suitable for Japanese companies


1.Learning / grading instruction

Based on the course survey after admission, we will provide detailed course guidance such as providing information and passability of the desired school. We carry out the following items to maximize the learning effect.

  1. Level-based learning organization
  2. Entrance to the university information section, such as guidance, search guidance of course information through the Internet
  3. Desired seminar for each desired course
  4. Support for introducing and acquiring scholarships etc.

2.Life guidance

In order to be able to adapt to Japanese life, such as Japanese customs, housing, shopping and part-time work, teachers and life instructors teach through orientation and daily counseling.

3.Interaction with Japanese people in the region

As we plan and participate in the following events in order to plan exchanges with Japanese people in the area, you can learn live Japanese.

  1. International exchange party
  2. Participation in local events
  3. outdoor activities

4.Full support system

  1. Staff support daily life by counseling etc.
  2. Daily information is uploaded from the school by SNS
  3. We will help you find a cheaper and calmer residence compared to urban areas
  4. When working as a part-time job, we will follow working support and continuation

Course introduction

  • 2nd year course
    (April entrance, next year graduation in March)
    Total class time : 1,600 hours
  • 1 year and 6 months course
    (Enrolled in October, graduated from March of the following year)
    Total class time : 1,200 hours

Three support for the future

  • Learning
    Learning support
    • Scholarship
    • Exchange with the community
    • Progress class
  • course
    Career support
    • Career design from before admission
    • Collaboration with local companies
    • After school lectures for employment
  • life
    Livelihood support
    • Dormitory complete
    • Free part-time job introduction
    • Other


Tsubasa Group Chairman Hiroshi Amagasa

 I was a hateful, naughty child born as the third son of a milk shop. However, after a rush, at the age of 23, I bought a small coffee shop for savings and became the president of a small company. More than 30 years ago.
 Not only good things have been done in the past 30 years, but there have been a lot of hardships and hardships. At that time, thanks to the support and help from many people, as a “Tsubasa Group” representative carrying three companies, we can do many business with 300 staff members today. Then, I decided to return the support and benefits I received from many people until now to the next generation, and this "Tsubasa International Academy" was established.
 Everyone who wants to learn in Japan and try to hold a dream, please build a foundation for a rich life in this Kimitsu area.

Kimitsu City Location

population 88,400
Main industry Iron and steel industry, gravel extraction industry, agriculture, service industry
area 318.81 square meters
Annual average temperature 15.6 degrees Celsius
City flower "Mittsutsuji"
City tree "Chara-bok"
City Mascot Characters "Kimipyon"
  • Kanto's oldest Kannoji (culture)
    Kanto's oldest Kannoji (culture)
  • Kujukudani (nature)
    Kujukudani (nature)
    NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION Kimitsu Works[Kimitsu Area] (industry)


  • by train
    From Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit) About 71 minutes
    Haneda Airport (limousine bus) About 44 minutes
  • by car
    From Tokyo Station (via Tokyo Bay Aqua Line) About 60 minutes
    Haneda airport About 68 minutes